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Thursday, May 16, 2013

A “Model” Employee

Haband employees work hard every day to bring our customers the best quality clothing at great prices. They are also committed to the communities in which they live. One shining example is Shenay Green, traffic coordinator at Haband’s Mahwah office.

When Shenay is not coordinating merchandise between Haband’s warehouse and vendors, she is making a difference for young girls in Northern New Jersey. Shenay proudly serves as Creative Director for The Role Model Group—a non-profit organization that equips teen girls with self esteem, character and essential leadership skills through fashion and entertainment.  Based out of Paterson, N.J., the goal of the group is to help girls 13-17 increase self esteem, build character, and become positive women.  She is responsible for coordinating photo shoots, fashion show production, hiring talent and assists in class workshops.

Shenay, at the end on the left, poses with the girls during a trip. 

The RoleModel Group holds fun activities for the girls such as photo shoots and fashion shows but also conducts workshops on a variety of topics such as etiquette, abstinence, fitness, acting, public speaking, community service and self esteem.

Shenay is best friends with founder, former Miss New Jersey 2009, Kaity Rodriguez. When Kaity told Shenay about her idea of starting The Role Model Group, she jumped at the chance to become involved.  “It's important to me because I want to see young girls do better.  Growing up, they have to deal with peer pressure, bullying, fitting in, etc.  I just want them to be able to stand on their own and know their worth. I wish I had a program like this when I was growing up,” Shenay said.

You can keep up with The Role Model Group on Facebook!


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