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Monday, June 30, 2014

Hanbands 4th of July finds:

The Fourth of July conjures up thoughts of backyard BBQs, boating, fireworks and of course dressing in red, white and blue. Though this decade’s long tradition might seem overdone, it is customary to show off our patriotism by dressing in the colors of our flag. And quite honestly, it is one of the only times we are able to get away with this without looking like we are in costume.
With this favorite summer holiday quickly approaching, it is time to start planning that perfect party outfit. Whether you are attending a fantastic backyard BBQ, or planning a soirée of your own it is important to dress for the occasion. Though it isn’t mandatory, it is fun to include a little bit of red, white and blue to your 4th of July attire.
Dr. Scholl’s shoes

What you put on your feet is extremely important. When isn’t your footwear important? No matter the festivities this holiday weekend, it will require the proper footwear. From sandals to sneakers, Dr. Scholl’s shoes give you lasting support and cushioning that is clinically proven to relive pain. Dr. Scholl’s shoes are the perfect complement to your 4th of July outfit. 

 Guayabera Shirts

Embody Independence Day style with Guayabera Shirts. These classic, yet casual shirts are just as stylish as the original. Made from a soft and cool cotton polyester blend, these Guayabera shirts are the perfect choice for a stylish holiday. With impeccable attention to detail, this classic shirt couples function with style.  Elaborate embroidery plus four handy pockets make this shirt a summer staple. And what better a place than to show off your amazing sense of style at your 4th of July get-together.

Slacks for Women


You’ve decided on your 4th of July attire and now you are looking for the perfect pair of pants. Pants are the ideal choice when wanting to keep it casual or when you want to add a little something to a classic look. Dress them up with a blouse and some statement accessories or keep it causal with a bold printed shirt. Keep in mind that when you mix prints and colors stick to the same hue.
Crisp white slacks are always a classic choice for the 4th of July! Pair them with neutral accessories as to not distract from your look. 

Mens Blazers

A blazer is a great way to look sharp and pulled together without having to think much about the rest of you outfit. Keep in mind that it is July and it has the potential to get a little warm when the sun is out, so choose light clothing to wear underneath your blazer. Bring out the colors of the holiday by choosing a navy blazer, or pair your neutral blazer with a red or blue shirt.
Web Only Deals- Wheel Chair Accessories
Get comfortable to watch the fireworks and hang out with family and friends with the quintessential wheel chair accessories. Select cushions that will keep you relaxed and cool throughout the day. You will also want to be sure that you have enough space to carry all of your belongings and treats for the party so you might want to think about getting a wheel chair pouch and tray. If there are little ones running around entertain them by letting them help you decorate your beautiful new chair accessories with crepe paper for a fun 4th of July everyone will remember!
Wow your 4th of July audience with your stylish take on the holiday’s patriotic colors! But,no matter where you celebrate, whether you are at a fantastic backyard BBQ, a beautiful lake, or a city soirée, you know that the best part of this summer holiday is spending it with friends and family. So be sure to enjoy yourself during summer’s favorite holiday.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fitness for Active Older Adults| Haband

Exercise is key to healthy aging
It is never too late to become active. Never. In addition to enhancing your quality of life, exercise plays a key role in preventing health problems and managing common disorders associated with aging, such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and diabetes, to name a few.
Starting an exercise routine can seem like a challenge as you age. It is common to feel discouraged by illness or ongoing health problems, not to mention fear of injury. Perhaps exercising feels daunting because you have never exercised before and it is difficult for you to know where to begin. Or maybe you think that exercise is boring, or that you are too frail to start a fitness routine that this stage of life.
Contrary to popular belief, while these might seem like good reasons to slow down as you age, they are actually excellent reasons to start a wellness routine. Here’s why. Exercise, when done properly, is proven to relieve stress, elevate your mood, help manage illness and pain and improve your overall sense of well-being.
There are many ways to get moving and to start striving towards the healthiest version of you. Below are a few tips to follow when embarking on your way to wellness.

10 Health Tips to keep you looking, and feeling, young
  1. Discover the exercise you like best. The best way to get, and stay, fit is to choose an exercise that you enjoy doing.
  2. Look for fitness opportunities. Such as playing with children, gardening, dancing, or housecleaning are excellent ways to incorporate movement into your routine.
  3. Include resistance training. Research suggests that adults over 50 lose about ¼ pound of muscle mass per year if resistance training isn’t a part of their routine.
  4. Stretch. Stretch before and after your workout. Not only does stretching have a calming effect on the body, it also helps build and elongate muscles, reduces risk of injury and prepares your body for a workout.
  5. Commit to a schedule. Habits form after doing something regularly for 3 to 4 weeks. After that your workouts will become second nature.
  6. Focus on short-term goals. Stay motivated by setting small goals and working towards them. This way your fitness goals won’t seem so daunting or intimidating.
  7. Work out with a friend. It has been proven that people who work out in pairs hold each other accountable and develop solid fitness schedules. However, this doesn’t mean that you will fail if you venture out on your own. Choose what is best for you.
  8. Eat well. Never underestimate the importance of a well balanced diet. Look at the ingredients on the foods you are purchasing, sometime things aren’t always as they seem.
  9. See your doctor regularly. True, it can be a pain but it is well worth it.
  10. Listen to your body. This goes along with seeing your doctor regularly, but you know your body best. Don’t just chalk an irregularity or oddity up to old age. 

A Few Safety Tips
Always remember, safety first. Here are a few tips to get you started on the road to wellness.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. When exercising, it is vitality important that you support your feet with comfortable, well-fitting shoes. Keep in mind what activities you plan on doing, and find the perfect shoe for job.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. As with shoes, choose clothing that suits the purpose. Select items of clothing that let you move freely but that don’t gather or have a lot of lose fabric that would be easy to trip on.
  • Avoid outdoor activities in extreme temperatures.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water before, during and after your workout. If you start to feel lightheaded, uncoordinated or have muscle cramps you may be dehydrated, so it is best to rest, grab some water and try again after those sensations have passed. If you continue when experiencing symptoms of dehydration it is possible that you could experience heat exhaustion that can progress to heat stroke.
  • Listen to your body. When determining appropriate exercise intensity and duration, pay close attention to what your body is telling you. Also, it is important to keep in mind that using your heart rate to monitor the intensity of your workout isn’t accurate if you are on heart-rate-altering medications, including most medications for hypertension.
  • Know the danger signs. Stop activity and call the doctor or 911 if you experience pressure or pain in your chest, arms, neck or jaw; if you feel dizzy or short of breath; break out in a cold sweat or feel like your heart is beating too fast or skipping beats. Be aware of your joints too; stop exercising if a joint is swollen, red, or tender. It is always better to be safe and prevent any further injury.
Exercising doesn’t require trips to the gym or arduous workouts. It is about movement, after all a body in motion stays in motion. By adding movement to your life, even in small ways, you can vastly improve your well-being. No matter your level of health, there are many easy ways to improve your
quality of life by getting going. Look at your senior years as a chance to try new things and embrace this phase of your life and all the opportunities that come with it.
For more helpful tips, check out these pages. ACE fitness or

Friday, May 16, 2014

Mens Suit Buying Guide| Haband

What is the occasion?

Are you going to wear the suit to the office? Is it for a presentation or an interview? Perhaps, you are buying a suit for a vacation or something more formal? It is important to know what you are going to use the suit for and how often you are wearing it. For casual occasions, slacks and a casual blazer may be appropriate. A two-button blazer is a classic common choice for every occasion; three-button blazers are a bit more classic but still a good choice for all occasions. A vest is only used for formal engagements.

What is your size?

The most critical element of a suit is its fit. Of course this seems obvious, but there are specific details to consider especially if you are shopping for big & tall suits. For larger body types, pleated dress pants are the classic choice. Pleated pants add detail to help flatter larger legs or extra weight on your mid-section. Flat front pants are more modern and compliment basic business casual needs.

When shopping for a jacket or blazer consider vents and slits. Vents are the flaps on the back of the jacket below the waist. While center vents are all-purpose, side vents compliment the larger man. The suit’s shoulder pads should not protrude beyond your own shoulders or the suit is too big. The chest fit of your jacket should easily button without being to snug.

What colors and accessories should you consider?

A go to color for first time suit buyers is plain navy. A casual blazer, casual men’s slacks and dress shirt are appropriate additions to your first suit purchase. For a more formal occasion, a black suit is the recommended color. You might consider a tie, vest, and pocket square for the most formal occasions. As you grow your suit collection additional colors and patterns are acceptable. Remember a suit is an investment meant to last so a closet full of bright red plaid suits is not ideal. Visit to find the perfect big and tall suit or casual blazer today.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Winning against back pain with Dr. Scholl’s | Haband

Where Back Pain Starts

There are many conditions that can cause back pain. However, lower back pain can often be attributed
to spending long periods of time on your feet, having improper posture while standing or sitting, being
overweight and having improperly supported feet.

When the heel repeatedly strikes the ground, a shock can travel up the leg rattling the lumbar region of
the spine and lower back. This is where aggravation in the back muscles can cause pain.

Choosing a Dr. Scholl’s Product?

Dr. Scholl’s shoes give you lasting support and cushioning that is clinically proven to release pain in the
arch, heel and ball of foot. And with summer around the corner, Dr. Scholl’s sandals are the perfect way
to step out in style.

Dr. Scholl’s uses supple leather uppers combined with lightweight soles to wrap your feet in comfort.
They carry a variety of comfortable men’s shoes, as well as women shoes. Fashion meets function with Dr. Scholl’s women’s shoes as they offer a wide selection of sandals for women’s as well as, oxfords, loafers, boots and sneakers. Dr. Scholl’s men’s sandals combine classic design elements with comfort and function.

Fashion meets function with Dr. Scholl’s women’s shoes as they offer a wide selection of sandals for
women’s as well as, oxfords, loafers, boots and sneakers. Dr. Scholl’s men’s sandals combine classic design elements with comfort and function.

Be Proactive

Everyone would like to avoid back pain, but there is no sure way to prevent it as you age. However,
there are steps you can take to lower your risk. Try to maintain a healthy weight, find an exercise you
enjoy and do it often, remember to lift with your legs not your back, make sure to maintain proper posture while at work so it isn't contributing to your pain and take care of your feet by supporting and cushioning them.

Get up and get moving, because a body in motion stays in motion. Wear shoes that fit properly and
provide adequate cushion and support. Let Dr. Scholl’s shoes help you care for your feet.

Dr. Scholls One-Strap Leather Casuals: Save $10 On!

Dr. Scholls Advantage Sport Sneakers: Save $5 On!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Forever Flannel and Fleece: Warm Clothing

Here in New Jersey, temperatures and averaging around a chilly 30 to 40 degrees with snow speckling the radar every couple of weeks. Winter has arrived, but we are prepared. 
With the addition of flannel and fleece to many basic items, Haband has everything we need to stay warm this winter from head to toe. For those coldest days of winter, here’s what we suggest.

For Her
Womens quilted jacket: Water resistant and lightweight with a zip-off hood! Perfect for the snow.

Ladies Sweater: Classic cable sweater in a variety of colors.

Womens fleece lined Pants – Complete with an elastic waist and patterned fleece inside.

Womens Totes Boots: A brand you know and love makes boots that are ready for the snow.

Leather Gloves: Lined with fleece, and only $9.99 when you buy two!

For Him
Mens flannel lined jeans: The flannel helps keep body warmth in, keeping him toasty all day.

Boots for men: Rubber based and waterproof, for snow or puddles!

Mens fleece jacket :Soft, machine washable and made with a polyester lining for wind blocking.

Fleece Turtlenecks: Soft brushed fleece in multiple colors, with a chest pocket.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Top Gifts for Grandma & Grandpa for 2013

Around the Haband office we are all preparing for the holidays—decorating, planning the holiday deals for, baking cookies, spending time with family and, finally, making our shopping lists.

Picking out the best gift can be difficult. So, we ran a poll and asked the Haband team “What is the best gift for grandma and the best gift for grandma this year? Here are the team’s top picks.

Top Gifts for Grandma
 Live Plants: Add life to her home along with luck and good feng shui.

Chocolate Gifts: No matter the age, no woman can resist chocolate gifts! The real question is, would she rather have caramel pecan clusters or chocolate covered cherries?

Cozy Slippers: The gift or comfort and warmth.

 Ladies Sleepwear: It’s the gift she never buys herself, but loves to receive.
 Gemstone Rings: Add these beautiful rings to her jewelry collection.

Top Gifts for Grandpa
 Comfortable Pajamas: He’s probably worn the same flannel pajamas for years now, so replace them with something new!
 Smoked Meats: Get to his heart through his stomach. Treat grandpa to gourmet beef jerky for the next road trip or an assortment of smoked meats.
Record Player: That’s right, take him back to the “golden days” with a record player/stereo.
 Easy-to-use Tools: The ultimate toy for every man.
Guayabera Shirt: Let him stand out at the next party.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How to See a Movie without Breaking the Bank!

Now that you have purchased some new clothing from Haband, it’s time to show it off! A trip to the movies is always fun but can add up between the price of tickets and concessions. But there are ways you can save at the movie theater. Below are some tips to keep more money in your wallet!

  • Go to a matinee or weekday showing. Make sure to check your local theaters, times and prices.
  • Most theaters offer a senior discount. This tends to be on a specific day of the week and varies by theater. Call beforehand to get more information. 
  •  Do you frequent one specific theater chain? If so, check to see if they have a loyalty club. 
  •  There are places where you can purchase discounted tickets such as Costco and through AAA (both require membership). 
  •  Deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial occasionally have deals on tickets.

We hope you found this article helpful.  Enjoy your trip to the movie theater!

Source: Bergen Record