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Friday, September 6, 2013

National Grandparent’s Day is Right Around the Corner!

Did you know National Grandparent’s day is September 8? Haband®, Gold Violin® and Solutions®, specialty brands serving the 50+ consumer, surveyed 500 grandparents online to learn how they perceive and celebrate the holiday and most importantly, how they would like their grandchildren to commemorate this special occasion.

According to the survey, spending time with grandchildren is how grandparents would like to celebrate this special day (54 percent ranked a personal visit as their top choice), while others (36 percent) would like to receive a phone call. Other ways of celebrating the day included hugs, kisses, video chat and sharing a meal together.  You can read more about the survey here.

Since this tends to be a lesser-known holiday, here are some quick facts:
  • It is celebrated the first Sunday after Labor Day.
  •  National Grandparent's Day became a national holiday in 1978.
  • The official flower of the day is the forget-me-not.
Of course it’s important to honor all grandparents on this day but it’s just as important to remember them throughout the year. Haband can help with finding the perfect gift. We offer an array of men’s clothing, women’s clothing, shoes and items for the home. We recently expanded our offerings with a web only deals section that includes electronics and health products. Happy Grandparent’s Day!


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