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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Forever Flannel and Fleece: Warm Clothing

Here in New Jersey, temperatures and averaging around a chilly 30 to 40 degrees with snow speckling the radar every couple of weeks. Winter has arrived, but we are prepared. 
With the addition of flannel and fleece to many basic items, Haband has everything we need to stay warm this winter from head to toe. For those coldest days of winter, here’s what we suggest.

For Her
Womens quilted jacket: Water resistant and lightweight with a zip-off hood! Perfect for the snow.

Ladies Sweater: Classic cable sweater in a variety of colors.

Womens fleece lined Pants – Complete with an elastic waist and patterned fleece inside.

Womens Totes Boots: A brand you know and love makes boots that are ready for the snow.

Leather Gloves: Lined with fleece, and only $9.99 when you buy two!

For Him
Mens flannel lined jeans: The flannel helps keep body warmth in, keeping him toasty all day.

Boots for men: Rubber based and waterproof, for snow or puddles!

Mens fleece jacket :Soft, machine washable and made with a polyester lining for wind blocking.

Fleece Turtlenecks: Soft brushed fleece in multiple colors, with a chest pocket.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Top Gifts for Grandma & Grandpa for 2013

Around the Haband office we are all preparing for the holidays—decorating, planning the holiday deals for, baking cookies, spending time with family and, finally, making our shopping lists.

Picking out the best gift can be difficult. So, we ran a poll and asked the Haband team “What is the best gift for grandma and the best gift for grandma this year? Here are the team’s top picks.

Top Gifts for Grandma
 Live Plants: Add life to her home along with luck and good feng shui.

Chocolate Gifts: No matter the age, no woman can resist chocolate gifts! The real question is, would she rather have caramel pecan clusters or chocolate covered cherries?

Cozy Slippers: The gift or comfort and warmth.

 Ladies Sleepwear: It’s the gift she never buys herself, but loves to receive.
 Gemstone Rings: Add these beautiful rings to her jewelry collection.

Top Gifts for Grandpa
 Comfortable Pajamas: He’s probably worn the same flannel pajamas for years now, so replace them with something new!
 Smoked Meats: Get to his heart through his stomach. Treat grandpa to gourmet beef jerky for the next road trip or an assortment of smoked meats.
Record Player: That’s right, take him back to the “golden days” with a record player/stereo.
 Easy-to-use Tools: The ultimate toy for every man.
Guayabera Shirt: Let him stand out at the next party.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How to See a Movie without Breaking the Bank!

Now that you have purchased some new clothing from Haband, it’s time to show it off! A trip to the movies is always fun but can add up between the price of tickets and concessions. But there are ways you can save at the movie theater. Below are some tips to keep more money in your wallet!

  • Go to a matinee or weekday showing. Make sure to check your local theaters, times and prices.
  • Most theaters offer a senior discount. This tends to be on a specific day of the week and varies by theater. Call beforehand to get more information. 
  •  Do you frequent one specific theater chain? If so, check to see if they have a loyalty club. 
  •  There are places where you can purchase discounted tickets such as Costco and through AAA (both require membership). 
  •  Deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial occasionally have deals on tickets.

We hope you found this article helpful.  Enjoy your trip to the movie theater!

Source: Bergen Record

Friday, September 6, 2013

National Grandparent’s Day is Right Around the Corner!

Did you know National Grandparent’s day is September 8? Haband®, Gold Violin® and Solutions®, specialty brands serving the 50+ consumer, surveyed 500 grandparents online to learn how they perceive and celebrate the holiday and most importantly, how they would like their grandchildren to commemorate this special occasion.

According to the survey, spending time with grandchildren is how grandparents would like to celebrate this special day (54 percent ranked a personal visit as their top choice), while others (36 percent) would like to receive a phone call. Other ways of celebrating the day included hugs, kisses, video chat and sharing a meal together.  You can read more about the survey here.

Since this tends to be a lesser-known holiday, here are some quick facts:
  • It is celebrated the first Sunday after Labor Day.
  •  National Grandparent's Day became a national holiday in 1978.
  • The official flower of the day is the forget-me-not.
Of course it’s important to honor all grandparents on this day but it’s just as important to remember them throughout the year. Haband can help with finding the perfect gift. We offer an array of men’s clothing, women’s clothing, shoes and items for the home. We recently expanded our offerings with a web only deals section that includes electronics and health products. Happy Grandparent’s Day!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

A “Model” Employee

Haband employees work hard every day to bring our customers the best quality clothing at great prices. They are also committed to the communities in which they live. One shining example is Shenay Green, traffic coordinator at Haband’s Mahwah office.

When Shenay is not coordinating merchandise between Haband’s warehouse and vendors, she is making a difference for young girls in Northern New Jersey. Shenay proudly serves as Creative Director for The Role Model Group—a non-profit organization that equips teen girls with self esteem, character and essential leadership skills through fashion and entertainment.  Based out of Paterson, N.J., the goal of the group is to help girls 13-17 increase self esteem, build character, and become positive women.  She is responsible for coordinating photo shoots, fashion show production, hiring talent and assists in class workshops.

Shenay, at the end on the left, poses with the girls during a trip. 

The RoleModel Group holds fun activities for the girls such as photo shoots and fashion shows but also conducts workshops on a variety of topics such as etiquette, abstinence, fitness, acting, public speaking, community service and self esteem.

Shenay is best friends with founder, former Miss New Jersey 2009, Kaity Rodriguez. When Kaity told Shenay about her idea of starting The Role Model Group, she jumped at the chance to become involved.  “It's important to me because I want to see young girls do better.  Growing up, they have to deal with peer pressure, bullying, fitting in, etc.  I just want them to be able to stand on their own and know their worth. I wish I had a program like this when I was growing up,” Shenay said.

You can keep up with The Role Model Group on Facebook!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

It’s that time of year again!  The weather is warmer and flowers are blooming! And, of course, it’s time to do some spring cleaning.

The thought of spring cleaning can be intimidating. Haband has gathered some tips to help!

  • Get some family and friends to help clean. Turn it into a party. Cook a meal as a gesture or return the favor when it is their time to clean.
  • Turn on your favorite music! Get that beat going and get into cleaning mode!
  • This is a great opportunity to purge! Get rid of clutter that is on the floor or in walkways. Clutter can get in the way and become a safety hazard.
  • Before you begin, figure out what you need to do the job. For instance, the right mop can do wonders for those floors!
Share your cleaning tips with us!