Google+ Haband: Top Gifts for Grandma & Grandpa for 2013

Friday, December 13, 2013

Top Gifts for Grandma & Grandpa for 2013

Around the Haband office we are all preparing for the holidays—decorating, planning the holiday deals for, baking cookies, spending time with family and, finally, making our shopping lists.

Picking out the best gift can be difficult. So, we ran a poll and asked the Haband team “What is the best gift for grandma and the best gift for grandma this year? Here are the team’s top picks.

Top Gifts for Grandma
 Live Plants: Add life to her home along with luck and good feng shui.

Chocolate Gifts: No matter the age, no woman can resist chocolate gifts! The real question is, would she rather have caramel pecan clusters or chocolate covered cherries?

Cozy Slippers: The gift or comfort and warmth.

 Ladies Sleepwear: It’s the gift she never buys herself, but loves to receive.
 Gemstone Rings: Add these beautiful rings to her jewelry collection.

Top Gifts for Grandpa
 Comfortable Pajamas: He’s probably worn the same flannel pajamas for years now, so replace them with something new!
 Smoked Meats: Get to his heart through his stomach. Treat grandpa to gourmet beef jerky for the next road trip or an assortment of smoked meats.
Record Player: That’s right, take him back to the “golden days” with a record player/stereo.
 Easy-to-use Tools: The ultimate toy for every man.
Guayabera Shirt: Let him stand out at the next party.


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