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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day from Haband!

To you from all of us here, a very Happy Valentine's Day! I bet you think this is the part where I am going to go into a big, long explanation about the history of St. Valentine, and how the custom of Valentine's Day came to be, and how it makes the greeting card companies, chocolate makers, and florists a ton of money each year — but you'd be wrong! In fact, all we want you to do is think about that special someone and how much they mean to you. Do something nice for them (even if all you have to give them is a peck on the cheek) and be thankful for them. Then, make sure they know you are. To me that's the perfect way to spend Valentine's Day. But whatever the perfect Valentine's Day looks like to you, we hope that's exactly what you receive today. 'Til next time, friends...

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