Google+ Haband: Salvation Army Donation Wrap-Up

Friday, September 16, 2011

Salvation Army Donation Wrap-Up

Yesterday, we wrapped up our promotion to donate $1,000 worth of all-new, first-quality merchandise to the Salvation Army for every 1,000 new “likes” we got on Facebook. Our campaign was a huge success and we wanted to thank everyone for their help and support! While we fell a bit short of our goal to get to 10,000 likes, we did get close with just around 8800. That’s almost 4,000 new fans on Facebook!

Our promise was to donate $1000 worth of merchandise for every 1000 new likes we received and even though we missed our next milestone of 9000, we’re still going to round up and make it an even $4000 worth of merch. We fully support the Salvation Army and all the good they bring to our local communities and want to give them as much help as we possibly can!

We’ve alerted our warehouse to finish putting the goods together for our drop-off. Stay tuned to our page (and blog) for pictures of the donation effort. Again, many thanks to everyone who supported Haband and the Salvation Army!

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