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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Duke's Journal #1 - A Little Bit of Magic?

Dear Friends,

For years, magicians have used the powerful combination of Smoke and Mirrors to create illusions that amaze and delight their audiences. Which I kind of admire because, let’s face it — it’s very entertaining! And there’s no real harm done, right? As anyone who’s ever seen the ol’ “saw-a-woman-in-half” routine knows, it’s an INCREDIBLE trick. But that’s still just all it is — a trick of the eyes, nothing more. However, these days it seems that the same kind of “smoke and mirror” illusions are now being used by my “colleagues” in the direct mail business!

But this time, it could be your WALLET that ends up getting sawed in half! Who am I talking about? Well, the “Maine” culprit I’ve noticed likes to offer free postage in nearly every catalog. Seems like a good deal until you realize how much their prices have gone up on everything else — they are just sneaking the shipping costs (and more) into the product price! Suddenly that free postage doesn’t seem so free, does it? Don’t fall for it!

The good news is, you don’t have to! Because you can actually shop Haband and get REAL savings with TRUE low prices that always beat the competition with NO SMOKE, NO MIRRORS, and NO TRICKS of any sort!

How do I do it? The ol’ fashioned way — through some strong negotiation and volume buying power! See, by dealing directly with the manufacturers, and by ordering not by the hundreds, not by the thousands, but by the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS, I am able to get prices the other guys only WISH they could! Then, we pass those savings on to you! So when we get a good deal, YOU get a GREAT DEAL! I don’t have to resort to illusions and tricks, because when the prices are as low as ours, there’s no need to do that!

And we do it all without holding back on the features that are important to YOU! Things like Quality! Comfort! And yes, even Style! All this will probably make me look like a REALmagician to all the other guys out there in the mail order clothing business. But as I’ve shown, there’s no magic involved! I simply care about you, my customers.

Just don’t delay — because with prices THIS low now (at the start of the season instead of the end!) the BIGGEST and BEST VALUES are sure to disappear faster than you can say, “Abracadabra!” And that, my friend, won’t be magic either — it’s just what happens when you have the lowest prices around and millions of Haband friends who know a VALUE when they see one! Because, believe me, I’m not blowin’ smoke when I say, “You’ll Never Get a Better Deal!”

Your Friend,
Duke Habernickel

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