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Friday, May 16, 2014

Mens Suit Buying Guide| Haband

What is the occasion?

Are you going to wear the suit to the office? Is it for a presentation or an interview? Perhaps, you are buying a suit for a vacation or something more formal? It is important to know what you are going to use the suit for and how often you are wearing it. For casual occasions, slacks and a casual blazer may be appropriate. A two-button blazer is a classic common choice for every occasion; three-button blazers are a bit more classic but still a good choice for all occasions. A vest is only used for formal engagements.

What is your size?

The most critical element of a suit is its fit. Of course this seems obvious, but there are specific details to consider especially if you are shopping for big & tall suits. For larger body types, pleated dress pants are the classic choice. Pleated pants add detail to help flatter larger legs or extra weight on your mid-section. Flat front pants are more modern and compliment basic business casual needs.

When shopping for a jacket or blazer consider vents and slits. Vents are the flaps on the back of the jacket below the waist. While center vents are all-purpose, side vents compliment the larger man. The suit’s shoulder pads should not protrude beyond your own shoulders or the suit is too big. The chest fit of your jacket should easily button without being to snug.

What colors and accessories should you consider?

A go to color for first time suit buyers is plain navy. A casual blazer, casual men’s slacks and dress shirt are appropriate additions to your first suit purchase. For a more formal occasion, a black suit is the recommended color. You might consider a tie, vest, and pocket square for the most formal occasions. As you grow your suit collection additional colors and patterns are acceptable. Remember a suit is an investment meant to last so a closet full of bright red plaid suits is not ideal. Visit to find the perfect big and tall suit or casual blazer today.


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