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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Haband, an All-American Classic!

Did you know Tom the shirt-buyer at Haband LOVES classic cars? He is an avid collector and puts a lot of time into pampering them. One that is very special to him is his 1938 Ford Phaeton. This all-American classic was owned by his father, also an auto enthusiast.  Before he passed away, Tom’s father asked him to restore the car for his wife (Tom’s mother).   As a tribute, Tom returned the Ford to its former glory as a surprise for her birthday.  She was thrilled to see the car brought back to its original beauty in honor of her husband.

Before: The Ford Phaeton during the restoration!

After: The Ford Phaeton looking pretty for its photo shoot at Haband!
Inspired by his Ford Phaeton, Tom named our men’s golf shirt the All-Time Classic.  This shirt is a customer favorite year in and year out! It is a classic, just like the Ford Phaeton! When the time came to shoot advertising for the shirt, Haband used the Ford in the background.  Two classics in one!

The All-Time Classic golf shirt (also known as the knit golf shirt) is available in 12 colors, including four new shades of blue!  Nothing beats a classic!   


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