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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Power of the Sun!

Saving you lots of "Green" has always been our most important goal. But now we're pleased to announce that at the same time, we're also environmentally "Green" as well! Over the last month, we've had just over 1,350 solar power panels installed on the roof of our office here in Oakland, New Jersey — check out the picture! That's enough panels to power around 80% of the entire building! Which means we've reduced the amount of electricity we consume from the power grid all the way down to 20% of our consumption this time last year! That's a huge difference! And of course, not only does it fill us with pride to be reducing our carbon footprint, it saves us money by keeping our operating costs low. Which means it's easier for us to keep our prices at their absolute LOWEST for YOU! Everybody wins! Just one more reason you can feel good about spending your "green" at Haband!


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