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Monday, May 7, 2012

Graduation Gift Guide 2012

Graduation is just around the corner once again, and I'm sure many of you have children or grandchildren who will be graduating from college and starting a new life on their own.  Picking the perfect gift can be tough and it often seems like they have everything they need already! Maybe… but I doubt there isn't something they could use! Try our gift guide below for some great suggestions — and don't forget about good ol' cash. Who couldn't put THAT to good use, right? ;-D
  1. Something for the New Apartment- Many students this year will be moving to a different city - either to start a new job or to find the right one! Something like a single serve coffee brewing system might be just the thing to get your graduate started.
  2. Personalized Jewelry/Cufflinks-  For the men add a classy professional look with a some personalized cufflinks.  For the ladies a personalized necklace or bracelet will certainly be appreciated.
  3. Tablet or eReader- These fancy new computer Tablets and eReaders seem to be everywhere these days.  Get them the latest tech and you will sure be getting them something that is both productive and fun.
  4. Networking Cards- Hopefully the job offers will be flying through the window but realistically they will need to do some job hunting.  Plus you never know when you might run into the one person that can help.  Make sure your grad is prepared with some networking cards.
  5. A Family Memento or Heirloom- Nothing makes a better gift then something with sentimental value.  When I graduated my mother repaired an old watch for me that had once belonged to my grandfather.

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Adiba Alam said...

Send a stack of three attractive gift boxes filled with generous portions of bakery fresh pastry cookies, imported French chocolate truffles, and tasty gourmet popcorn. grad gift ideas