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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Duke's Journal #3 - The Salvation Army & The Holidays

Duke here, with some very happy news! You might remember that back in August, we started a promotional campaign to benefit The SalvationArmy. The way it worked was simple:  For every 1,000 brand new “Likes” that we received on Facebook, we pledged to donate $1,000 in first-quality Haband merchandise directly to The Salvation Army. We ended up getting just over 4,000 new “Likes” — and I’m pleased to officially announce to all of you today that The Salvation Army has now received our donation.

But that’s not all! Because the Holiday Season is so near, we decided that even though those 4,000 “Likes” translated into a $4,000 Haband merchandise donation, we’d like to do more. So we did — by increasing that donation to merchandise totaling $6,000!  That way, we are (hopefully) accomplishing the greatest possible good during this time of year when so many people need it most.

The Salvation Army picked everything up early on the morning on 11/29 from our Georgia warehouse and I wish you could have seen the excitement on their faces.  I think it’s safe to say that they were thrilled with the size of the donation – and that’s something that YOU, our customers, helped make happen!

I’m sharing a few photographs from the merchandise pickup below and be sure to check our Facebook page for the rest. Thanks again to ALL those who made this possible, whether by giving us your “Like” or by sharing our promotion with your own Facebook friends. It’s always been a kind of company motto that “Nice People Work at Haband” but it always warms my heart to see that Nice People shop here, too!

Your friend,


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