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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Check out the NEW Features on

We've added some more features to the home page. We have two new ones (just below the main product image) - our "Deal of the Day" and "Free Gift of the Week".

Deal of the Day
Every day, we showcase a different product and slash the price so low we don't advertise it anywhere else but! Some of these products are new to Haband, and others are ones that you've seen and (hopefully) love, but we've taken huge cuts out of the price. Watch out though, there is a time limit to these offers and you'll know just how much time is left by the clock ticking down just above the banner. When you see something you like, I suggest that you hurry and buy it right then as the clock doesn't stop for anyone and when they're gone at the price, they're gone!!

Free Gift of the Week
Also new is our Free Gift Banner - each week, we feature our Top-Of-The-Line Free Gifts for you to take with your order. Our goal is to find the best, most valuable, most spectacular Free Gifts for you and will offer them up for one week only on our home page. We reset the Gifts each Monday so if you ever find one you like, again, don't wait as you don't want to miss out! These Gifts follow our standard offer where they are Free with purchase - But, they are yours to keep even if you return the rest of your order. How's that for a Great Deal?!

I urge you to visit today and see what deals and freebies we are cooking up. Then, bookmark the page and check back often as Duke would say, "You'll Never Get a Better Deal!"

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