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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Employee of the Month for February

A couple of months ago we started a new program at Haband - Employee of the Month!

Each month, a committee meets to decide who, out of all the outstanding employees at Haband, gets to be the current month's Employee of the Month. I will showcase each EOTM here and am working on some interviews for the first few recipients. While we put the finishing touches on December and January, I have February to share with you now, so apologies in advance for going out of order.

February's EOTM is Mary K. A Senior Inventory Control Buyer in our non-Apparel Department. She has been a Haband'er for 7+ years now and is responsible for making sure our shelves are stocked with everything from digital video cameras, to LED light bulbs, to battery chargers, to mops. If there's something you need for your house, Mary is sure to stock it and sell it - and do it for the lowest prices anywhere around!

We had a little fun with the interview and created an animation as if she were on TV speaking to a prominent nighttime talk show host. Click the play button below to watch our newest creation with the interview transcripts below. As always, comments are welcome.

[Ed.] What month were you picked for Employee of the Month?
[MK] February.

[Ed.] Were you surprised that you were picked for Employee of the Month?
[MK] Absolutely. Very humbled.

[Ed.] What's your title at Haband?
[MK] Senior Inventory Control Buyer.

[Ed.] How long have you worked at Haband?
[MK] A little over 7 years.

[Ed.] What do you love about your job?
[MK] Diversity. No box is the same.

[Ed.] If you weren't at Haband and wanted another occupation, what would you be?
[MK] An interior designer.

[Ed.] What's your favorite color?
[MK] Red.

[Ed.] Do you have a hobby?
[MK] Hiking.

[Ed.] What's your favorite food?
[MK] Thai.

[Ed.] What's your favorite place to eat?
[MK] Bensi's.

[Ed.] If you were stuck on an island with a Haband employee, who would you like to hang out with until the ship found you?
[MK] Very difficult to pinpoint to one person. We have such a colorful assortment of people working here, each with their own distinctive personality and each impacting my life in a different way. Picture being on an island where everything is green. You need blue, red, orange, etc. to feel complete. Or as best you can on a desert island.

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